The Illustrated Guards! Guards! Dunmanifestin Edition

I am currently very busy creating new colour illustrations for a beautifully bound deluxe edition of The Illustrated Guards! Guards! by Sir Terry Pratchett.

The print run is limited to 1000 copies and each copy will be signed and numbered by myself.

The book will be foil-embossed with metallic gold page edges and presented in a *dragon-skin solander box also containing an eclectic folio of Guards! Guards! ephemera.

This stunning book is the definitive edition for the collector.

*No dragons were harmed in the making of this book


This special edition can be pre-ordered here:

*Publication Update: Illustrated Guards! Guards! Dunmanifestin edition*

Due to current circumstances we have had to regretfully make an unavoidable adjustment to our planned publication date. This edition will now be released on March 25th 2021, we apologise for the delay.