Discworld & Beyond


The Discworld & Beyond touring exhibition will be at the Larne Museum & Arts Centre, 2 Victoria Road, Larne, County Antrim, BT40 1RN

6th September 2019 – 31st October 2019

T: 028 28 262443


Discworld® & Beyond is a touring exhibition featuring the book jacket art and illustrations of Paul Kidby, one of the UK’s leading fantasy illustrators who is best known as the ‘artist of choice’ of best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett, who sadly passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease in spring 2015.

For the past 25 years Paul has largely devoted himself to creating illustrations for the popular Discworld series and he collaborated with the author closely on the design of the characters and environments described in the books.

Paul produced the Discworld book jackets since 2002 and has illustrated many further publications including The Art of Discworld and best-selling The Last Hero.

He continues to create Discworld artwork for the Pratchett Estate, which is managed by Terry’s long standing friend and business partner, Rob Wilkins, and a new fully illustrated book, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Imaginarium was published in November 2017.

Many of the paintings and drawings in the Discworld & Beyond exhibition were part of the unique collection loaned to the award-winning exhibition at Salisbury Museum, Terry Pratchett: HisWorld which was presented by the Museum in collaboration with the estate of Sir Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby. HisWorld ran from September 2017 to January 2018 and was visited by 21,000 fans.

The beautifully realised paintings and drawings  feature many of Paul’s favourite characters including Rincewind, the Wee Free Men and, of course, Death along with a host of witches, wizards, dragons and trolls. It also reveals some of Paul’s own work from his Charmed Realm collection, a book created by Paul and his wife Vanessa of myth and faerie influenced by British folklore and landscapes.

All his illustrations are marked by a staggering quality of draughtsmanship and effective use of colour; bright for the book covers and muted shades for his faerie paintings. The exhibition brings to life the quirky characters and trademark humour of Sir Terry’s books.

Paul said, ‘It has been really exciting selecting some of my favourite paintings for the ‘Discworld & Beyond’ exhibition. Visitors will be able to see many of their favourite Discworld illustrations up close and personal and celebrate the wonderful legacy of a great author who has inspired so many, including me!’

For further details contact Emma Mackinnon, Exhibitions & Collections Officer at St Barbe Museum, Lymington.